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Audio-CD + DVD

Dr. Feelgood

Taking No Prisoners - Wih Gypie 1977-1981 (4 CDs + DVD)

Interpreten Dr. Feelgood
Genre Pop, Rock
Inhalt 4 CDs + 1 DVD
Erschienen 14.06.2013
Kundenbewertung Keine Rezension vorhanden

Tracks - Disc 1 (CD)

play 1.Ninety Nine And A Half (Won't Do) 3:08
play 2.She's A Windup 2:00
play 3.I Thought I Had It Made 2:16
play 4.I Don't Wanna Know 2:42
play 5.That's It, I Quit 2:35
play 6.As Long As The Price Is Right 3:10
play 7.hi-Rise 2:38
play 8.My Buddy Buddy Friends 2:45
play 9.Baby Jane 2:58
play 10.Blues Had A Baby (And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll) 2:20
play 11.Looking Back 2:01
play 12.60 Minutes Of Your Love 2:24
play 13.Down At The Doctors 3:15
play 14.Every Kind Of Vice 3:23
play 15.Things Get Better 2:46
play 16.Milk And Alcohol 2:51
play 17.Night Time 5:23
play 18.Let's Have A Party 2:35
play 19.Take A Tip 4:20
play 20.It Wasn't Me 3:01
play 21.Greaseball 3:51
play 22.Sugar Shaker 4:46
play 23.As Long As The Price Is Right (Second Version) 3:17
play 24.Down At The (Other) Doctors 3:50
play 25.Riding On The L & N (Demo Version) (Previously Unreleased) 3:32

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Tracks - Disc 2 (CD)

play 1.Java Blue 4:29
play 2.Feels Good 3:25
play 3.Put Him Out Of Your Mind 3:50
play 4.Bend Your Ear 4:03
play 5.Hong Kong Money 4:36
play 6.Keeka Smeeka 4:02
play 7.Shotgun Blues 6:27
play 8.Pretty Face 2:34
play 9.Riding On The L & N 3:32
play 10.Drop Everything And Run 3:18
play 11.Jumping From Love To Love 2:51
play 12.Going Some Place Else 2:17
play 13.Best In The World 2:33
play 14.Punch Drunk 2:44
play 15.King For A Day 2:05
play 16.Violent Love 2:20
play 17.No Mo Do Yakamo 2:15
play 18.Love Hound 3:00
play 19.Who's Winning 2:12
play 20.Coming To You 2:47
play 21.Drives Me Wild 2:23
play 22.Case Of The Shakes 2:56
play 23.Waiting For Saturday Night 3:12
play 24.Eileen 2:34

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Tracks - Disc 3 (CD)

play 1.You'll Be Mine 2:54
play 2.My Buddy Buddy Friends 2:49
play 3.Looking Back 2:29
play 4.Homework 2:23
play 5.You Upset Me Baby 4:24
play 6.Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 3:50
play 7.Cheque Book 3:50
play 8.Back In The Night 3:13
play 9.Lucky Seven 2:34
play 10.Lights Out 3:32
play 11.Sneakin' Suspicion 3:13
play 12.Great Balls Of Fire 2:12
play 13.Take A Tip 2:51
play 14.Every Kind Of Vice 3:20
play 15.Down At The Doctors 2:54
play 16.Baby Jane 2:52
play 17.Sugar Shaker 3:50
play 18.Things Get Better 2:11
play 19.She's A Windup 2:02
play 20.Ninety Nine And A Half (Won't Do) (Won't Do) 3:10
play 21.My Buddy Buddy Firends 3:12
play 22.Milk And Alcohol 2:56
play 23.Matchbox 2:52
play 24.As Long As The Price Is Right 3:56
play 25.Night Time 4:21

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Tracks - Disc 4 (CD)

play 1.Riot In Cell Block No 9 4:01
play 2.Blues Had A Baby (And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll) 2:36
play 3.Lights Out 2:27
play 4.Great Balls Of Fire 2:09
play 5.Looking Back 2:04
play 6.Going Back Home 3:28
play 7.Stupidity 2:30
play 8.I Thought I Had It Made 2:32
play 9.Shotgun 4:50
play 10.Roxette 2:34
play 11.Johnny B. Goode 4:27
play 12.Drives Me Wild 2:47
play 13.Java Blue 3:57
play 14.Jumping From Love To Love 3:06
play 15.Pretty Face 2:44
play 16.No Mo Do Yakamo 2:07
play 17.Love Hound 2:59
play 18.Best In The World 2:31
play 19.Who's Winning 2:09
play 20.Riding On The L & N 3:21
play 21.Case Of The Shakes 3:06
play 22.Shotgun Blues 5:48
play 23.Goodnight Vienna 0:45

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Tracks - Disc 5 (DVD)

1.looking back - BBC sight and sound in concert
3.You'll Be Mine
4.You Upset Me Baby
6.Baby Jane
7.Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock 'n' Roll
8.That It, I Quit
9.Lucky Seven
10.She's A Wind Up
11.Lights Out
12.lights out - BBC top of the pops 12.9.1977
13.she's a wind up - BBC top of the pops 15.9.1977
14.down at the doctors - BBC top of the pops 14.9.1978
15.milk and alcohol - BBC top of the pops 25.1.1979
16.milk and alcohol - BBC top of the pops 8.2.1979
17.She's A Wind Up - Promo Clips
18.Baby Jane
19.Down At The Doctors
20.Milk And Alcohol
21.No Mo Do Yakamo
22.Violent Love
23.Java Blue - Alright Now - Tyne Tees Television 17.7.1980
24.Pretty Face - Alright Now - Tyne Tees Television 17.7.1980
25.South Bank Show - Interviews With Lee Brilleaux And The Big Figure
26.Interview With Richard Gottehrer
27.Interview With John (Gypie) Mayo


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