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Marie Curie - The Complete Mini-Series (1977) (BBC, 3 DVDs)

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A beautifully crafted, captivating mini-series charting the life and times of one of the greatest pioneering scientists of the 20th century who received the Nobel Prize for her discovery of Radium. This daring portrait gives viewers a rare insight into the heartbreak and scandal that rocked Curie's early years following the death of her husband which had a negative impact on her esteemed position within the scientific world and how she overcame this to become one of the most influential women in science. Award winning actress Jane Lapotaire's (The Devil's Crown, Anthony & Cleopatra, Love Hurts) convincing performance in the title role of Marie Curie first brought her to wide attention, acting as a springboard to a long, successful career both on screen and stage. Lapotaire is also joined by acclaimed actor, Nigel Hawthorne (Madness of King George, Amistad, Yes Minister) as her husband Pierre. Music by Carl Davis.


Schauspieler Jane Lapotaire, Nigel Hawthorne, Richard Bebb, Penelope Lee
Genre Portrait, Biographie
Inhalt 3 DVDs
Erscheinungsdatum 27.11.2014
Edition BBC
Ton Englisch (Dolby Digital)
Laufzeit 4h 35min
Bildformat 16/9
Produktionsjahr 1977
Version UK Version
Ländercode 2

Cast & Crew


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