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Strike the Blood - Staffel 1 - Vol. 3 (Digibook)

Deutsch · DVD

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Episoden 13-18

This Strike the Blood collection contains all 24 television episodes.

Is it just lust, or bloodlust?

Kojou Akatsuki is a normal high school student. Living in Itogami City, he tries his best not to stick out. Considering creatures of legend populate the city, you'd think he'd have no problem! Humanity's rise from the dark ages has brought mythological entities like vampires, spirits, and other things to near extinction in the modern day. In exchange for being able to continue to exist, they've all agreed to live on the man-made island, otherwise known as the Demon District. Unfortunately, despite Kojou's attempts to keep his head down, someone has taken notice of him.

A mysterious girl follows him, and when they finally meet face to face, she exposes him for what he is: the Fourth Progenitor, a vampire powerful enough to shatter the fragile peace that has settled over Itogami City, and plunge everything into chaos! But if Kojou Akatsuki really is the Fourth Progenitor, why doesn't he act like the horrible menace he's supposed to be? How did a supposedly normal high school student become the Fourth? The answers might lie with the incident three months ago, an incident Kojou claims he can't remember!

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Regisseur Hideyo Yamamoto, Takao Sano
Label Kazé Anime
Genre Action
Inhalt DVD
FSK / Rating ab 16 Jahren
Erschienen 26.01.2018
Edition Digibook
Ton Deutsch (Dolby Digital 2.0), Japanisch (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Untertitel Deutsch
Extras Booklet, Postkarte(n)
Laufzeit 150 Minuten
Bildformat 16/9
Produktionsjahr 2013
Originaltitel Strike the Blood
Ländercode 2

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