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From the Setting Sun... (in Wacken) / the Rising Sun (in Tokyo) (Blu-ray 3D (+2D) + Blu-ray)

Englisch · Blu-ray 3D (+2D) + Blu-ray

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Double Blu-ray/All Region edition and contains two best-selling video releases

- From The Setting Sun... (In Wacken) (playable in 3D format or 2D):
Recorded and filmed in Wacken 2013, Deep Purple performed a unique concert, throwing away all their usual stage routine (and sometime arrangements). During this concert, Deep Purple left their "safe zone". That is why this concert is the one that represents a feeling of improvisation and electricity similar to the band's classic years - more than many other live releases by the band...

- To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo):
If Wacken shows Deep Purple's performance in front of a huge rock audience, playing as if they had to leave all their habits behind, the Tokyo show 2014 is presenting Deep Purple completely at ease with their history and themselves. On the very same venue where the band has written rock history with the album Made In Japan, Deep Purple went on stage without nostalgia and with the attitude of a band that is physically led by the music. Song after song, Purple play a flawless show going back and forth in time. Deep Purple's many sides are at their best here: the energy but also the groove, the great solo moments by Don Airey and Steve Morse. The soft sides and their energetic heavy counterparts.

Limited and Numbered to 10'000 pieces

From the Setting Sun... (in Wacken):

01. Highway Star
02. Into The Fire
03. Hard Lovin' Man
04. Vincent Price
05. Strange Kind Of Woman
06. Contact Lost
07. The Well-Dressed Guitar
08. Hell To Pay
09. Lazy
10. Above And Beyond
11. No One Came
12. Don Airey's Solo
13. Perfect Strangers
14. Space Truckin'
15. Smoke On The Water
16. Green Onions Hush
17. Black Night the Rising Sun (in Tokyo):

01. Après Vous
02. Into The Fire
03. Hard Lovin' Man
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Vincent Price
06. Contact Lost
07. Uncommon Man
08. The Well-Dressed Guitar
09. The Mule
10. Above And Beyond
11. Lazy
12. Hell To Pay
13. Don Airey's Solo
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Space Truckin'
16. Smoke On The Water
17. Green Onions Hush
18. Black Night


Interpreten Deep Purple
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Pop, Rock
Inhalt Blu-ray 3D (+2D) + Blu-ray
FSK / Altersfreigabe ab 0 Jahren
Erscheinungsdatum 04.08.2017
Ton Englisch (DTS-HD Master/High 5.1), Englisch (DTS-HD 2.0)
Extras Musikvideos, Booklet
Laufzeit 209 Minuten
Bildformat 16/9, 1.78:1
Originaltitel Deep Purple - From the Setting Sun... (in Wacken) / the Rising Sun (in Tokyo)
Ländercode A, B, C



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