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Video Singles Collection (3 DVDs)

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Depeche Mode's Video Singles Collection is the definitive 3-DVD library anthology containing more than four hours of the post-punk pioneers' groundbreaking music videos (and two-plus hours of audio commentary). The 3-DVD set presents more than three decades worth of Depeche Mode's international hit singles as lensed for the group's mind-blowing progression of innovative and provocative music videos directed by a who's who of cinematic visionaries including Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, D.A. Pennebaker, John Hillcoat and others. Video Singles Collection is the first in a series of band-approved retrospective projects examining Depeche Mode's extraordinary career and effect on pop culture and marks the first time that DM's video singles-from 1981 to 2013-have been compiled together in a single anthology. The set includes 55 newly restored versions of the essential video singles in the DM canon in addition to four rare alternate videos and new commentary on specific individual clips, recorded by members of Depeche Mode especially for this release.

01. Just Can't Get Enough
02. See You
03. The Meaning Of Love
04. Leave In Silence
05. Get The Balance Right
06. Everything Counts
07. Love, In Itself
08. People Are People
09. Master And Servant
10. Blasphemous Rumours
11. Somebody
12. Shake The Disease
13. It's Called A Heart
14. Stripped
15. But Not Tonight
16. A Question Of Lust
17. A Question Of Time
18. Strangelove
19. Never Let Me Down Again
20. Behind The Wheel
21. Little 15
22. Strangelove '88
23. Everything Counts (Live)
24. Personal Jesus
25. Enjoy The Silence
26. Policy Of Truth
27. World In My Eyes
28. I Feel You
29. Walking In My Shoes
30. Condemnation
31. One Caress
32. In Your Room
33. Barrel Of A Gun
34. It's No Good
35. Home
36. Useless
37. Only When I Lose Myself
38. Dream On
39. I Feel Loved
40. Freelove
41. Goodnight Lovers
42. Enjoy The Silence '04
43. Precious
44. A Pain That I'm Used To
45. Suffer Well
46. John The Revelator
47. Martyr
48. Wrong
49. Peace
50. Hole To Feed
51. Fragile Tension
52. Personal Jesus 2011
53. Heaven
54. Soothe My Soul
55. Should Be Higher


Interpreten Depeche Mode
Genre Pop, Rock
Inhalt 3 DVDs
FSK / Altersfreigabe ab 0 Jahren
Erscheinungsdatum 18.11.2016
Ton Englisch
Extras Musikvideos, Audiokommentar
Laufzeit 6h 23min
Ländercode 0





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