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Numskull - Quarter Arcade Ms Pac-Man Arcade Machine (Net)


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Get your officially licensed quarter sized Ms. PAC-MAN Arcade Machine and have fun playing your favourite retro arcade games that will bring back a blast from the past, with no coins needed to play this time!

Identical Replica

This Tiny Arcade Cabinet is small but packs a mighty punch. Exactly one quarter of the size of the original Ms. PAC-MAN arcade machine, it has been re-created using the highest quality materials available for a durable, sturdy design, as well as boasting the original retro artwork!

Incredibly Realistic

This mini Arcade Cabinet runs the original ROM on a custom-built emulator. This Quarter-Sized Ms. PAC-MAN Retro Arcade Cabinet has been played and tested to ensure that you enjoy a fully realistic trip to the retro age of arcade machines.


Measuring 43cm high, 16cm wide and 21cm in depth, your Ms. PAC-MAN replica is large enough to be played as a desktop or bartop arcade, with a functioning arcade joystick, buttons, and a 5-inch TFT screen.

Bonus Extras

We like to spoil you, which is why the Ms. PAC-MAN cabinet comes in a pristine collector’s box, complete with official Ms. PAC-MAN artwork and a window for display purposes. Also included with your purchase is a micro-USB cable, which you can use to charge your cabinet for wireless play.

Official Bandai Namco Entertainment licensed product.

1/4 scale replica of the original 1980s Ms. Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

Realistic replica: Everything from the artwork, shape, wooden shell and buttons are precise replicas.

High-quality: Made for durability, playability, and portability.

Comes in collector’s packaging with original artwork and a window for display purposes.

Includes an internal rechargeable battery, powerful speakers and more.


Label Numskull
Kategorie Games Zubehör > Retro Gaming
Erscheinungsdatum 25.11.2020


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