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KONIX Accessories Pack for PC

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Erscheint am 01.04.2019


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A gaming set by Drakkar at a very attractive price! The set consists of an ergonomic headset for gamers, accompanied by a backlit mouse, a PC controller and a mouse pad. Designed for gamers, this set ensures speed and accuracy in your most complex games.


Skald headset

  • The circum-aural headphones with 50mm diameter neodymium speakers
  • Perfect isolation of outside noise
  • Frequency from 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Plug & Play functionality (cable length: 1.8m)
  • Compatible with tablets and smartphones thanks to the included jack adapter!
  • Volume control thanks to integrated remote control
  • Lateral backlight

Shaman Mouse
  • Gamer mouse with optical sensor
  • Gamer and ergonomic design
  • Comfort soft touch coating
  • Resolution adjustable on 4 levels of DPI
  • Red backlighting of the Drakkar logo wheel
  • Quality braided cord
  • Teflon glides for a better glide of the mouse

Battle Ax Controller
  • Drakkar controller for platform, action-adventure, sports or arcade games
  • Ergonomic design
  • Optimized buttons: Digital action buttons, 2 joysticks with rubber texture, D-pad with individual buttons
  • Plug & Play connection: USB
  • Cable length 1.8 m

Norrland mouse pad
  • Optimized surface gaming for precise mouse movement
  • Rubber texture maximizing adhesion to the office surface
  • Smooth laser cut edges
  • Size: 320x270x2mm


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Erscheint 01.04.2019


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