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KONIX Accessories Pack for Nintendo Switch

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A gaming package for Switch at a very attractive price ! The set contains a charger for Joy-con, accompanied by a USBC cord and a protection pack. Designed for gamers, this set provides you with the most complete equipment to play without limits.


Joy-con charger

  • Charge up to 2 Joy-Con simultaneously
  • LED indication of charge level for each Joy-Con
  • Small and compact design that allows you to use it at home and on the road
  • Stability guaranteeing safety
  • Includes a 50 cm Fast Charge cable

USBC cord
  • USB cable to C type for Switch
  • Cable length: 2 m

Protection Pack
  • Silicone protection for console and joysticks
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Screen protector
  • Anti-reflection
  • Headphones


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Erschienen 10.04.2019


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