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Cooler Master - CM310 - Gaming Mouse

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The CM310 is the mouse of choice for gamers of all levels, providing dependability and reliability without breaking the bank. An optical 10000 adjustable DPI sensor offers gaming-grade performance, while the rubber side grips and weighted body give just the right level of comfort.

And if you want to add some personality, it comes with RGB illumination with 5 preset modes and effects. Dependable and solid, the CM310 is a gaming mouse designed to take your gaming to the next level.

Target Audience
Casual Gamers that know don't necessarily know exactly what specification they are looking for in a gaming mouse, but know they want a 'gaming mouse' with high DPI (higher = better) and flashy RGB illumination but don't want to break the bank and pay a premium.

Appeal will be:

  • 1.Gaming "Looks": RGB illumination wrapped around the body of the mouse
  • 2.Gaming "Spec/Feature": 10000 DPI Sensor
  • 3.Price/Performance Ratio

Ergonomic and Well-Balanced
A ambidextrous shape that focusses on ergonomics and a comfortable grip for all grip types.
Combined with rubberized side grips for stability and control and a balanced weight calibrated to 100 grams so not too light, not too heavy -just perfect for gaming and domination.

Button Overview & On-the-Fly Shortcuts
  • 1.Left Click
  • 2.Wheel & Middle Click
  • 3.Right Click
  • 4.DPI +
  • 5.LED Mode Change (5 modes)
  • 6.DPI -
  • 7.Forward
  • 8.Backward
  • 3+7. LED Lighting Color Change
  • 3+8.LED Lighting Speed Change (3 levels)

DPI Switching
The CM310's dependable PMW-3325 IR Optical Sensor with 10000 Maximum DPI can be adjusted by the easy access buttons on the top. Simply switch between levels on the fly and pick any of the 7 preset DPI levels with corresponding LED colors for quick
  • 500 (Yellow)
  • 1000 (Blue)
  • 2000 (Purple -Default Color & DPI Setting)
  • 3000 (Green)
  • 4000 (Cyan)
  • 5000 (Red)
  • 10000 (White)


Label Cooler Master
Kategorie Games Zubehör > Tastatur & Maus
Abmessung (Verpackung) 13.2 x 18.8 x 5.9 cm (BxHxT)
Gewicht (Verpackung) 0 g


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