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The Legend of Zelda - Bluetooth V2

iPad + iPod + Xbox One + PlayStation 4 + Nintendo Switch

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Featuring V5.0 Bluetooth technology with built-in microphone.

- Two different sound safe volume settings of 85 dB and 95 dB for the perfect volume setting in any environment.
- Built-in 500mAh battery provides up to 24 hours of play time
- Fully charged in approximately 2 hours by Type-C USB charging cable
- A working distance of 10 metres
- Suitable for children aged 3+
- Extendable adjuster for customised flexible fit for any head shape
- Lightweight, durable, foldable, flexible swivel design and comfortable while in use
- Extra 3.5mm audio sharing cable included

These headphones can be used with all your favourite devices (i.e. use with iPads, ipods, Tablet, handheld games, learning devices, XBox, PS4, 2Ds XL and Nintendo switch*) when wired mode, using a 3.5mm 3.5mm universal jack connector audio sharing cable (included).

*Note: All function buttons and mic are deactived when the headphones are in wired mode(using 3.5mm universal jack cable).
All function buttons and mic only work when the headphones are in wireless mode. Some mobiles may not be able to use some or all functions depending on the specifications of the device itself. Ensure that your Bluetooth enabled device system is up to date.

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Erscheinungsdatum 31.08.2022
Kopfhörer-Typ Over-Ear


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