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Fr. 18.50

Seven Years

Englisch · Taschenbuch

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Zusatztext “Strong and supple sentences evocative of Camus… [with] deft strokes of observation and insight.” — Vulture , 100 Most Important Books of the 2000s… So Far “ Seven Years is a novel to make you doubt your own dogma. What more can a novel do than that?” —Zadie Smith, Harper’s Magazine “Stamm’s talent is palpable, but what makes him a writer to read, and read often, is the way he renders contemporary life as a series of ruptures. Never entirely sure of their position, his characters engage in a constant effort to establish their equilibrium.” — New York Times Book Review “Stamm’s cleverness is to align a spareness that works in translation with his characters’ instinctive fear of all things rich and intense. Lean as it is, his prose is wonderfully ‘literary’ in its fine integration of voice and story. The constant disorientation of his characters, their sense that their lives are interchangeable with any number of other lives, seem peculiarly suited to this era of globalization.” — The New York Review of Books “With a patient and impressive commitment to realism, this Swiss novel follows the course of a complicated, troubled marriage…Though Stamm pulls off a quietly spectacular plot twist halfway through the book, he never loses sight of the quotidian things that erode or transform relationships over time: an oddly personal disagreement about the merits of ‘Rain Man’, or the ‘piles of romance novels, Christian manuals, and Polish magazines’ that crowd a lover’s apartment.”— The New Yorker   “Stamm is a master of quietly deliberative stories. In Seven Years , as in the best of his work, he puts often simple-seeming character through extraordinary paces, all the more remarkable given the Carver-like restraint he exercises in his writing.” — Bookforum “ Seven Years is a powerful, enlightening novel about the eternal search for contentment in life, the often fickle nature of love, and the knowledge that in reality, happiness is rarely how we dreamed it would be.” — The Daily Beast “Here is Stamm’s strength, in a good English translation, the clean uncluttered sentences that take you—as writers since Hemingway have shown — from one crystalline point to the next, so as to travel great distances in the shortest possible time.” — Buffalo News “Just the kind of thing I like.”—Lorin Stein, the Paris Review blog “Ego, passion, and deception run wild, but the novel's strength is found in the characters Stamm has created: powerfully imperfect, sometimes despicable, horribly conflicted, and always believable far beyond the archetypes that too often pop up in novels of marital ennui.” — Publishers Weekly “Swiss novelist Stamm ( Unformed Landscape ) offers a classic love triangle that reads like a contemporary European version of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road … Readers looking for a highbrow page-turner will relish this quick read.” — Library Journal   “This touching novel is a tour of what makes love work and what tears love apart in the modern world.” — Booklist “A dynamic and taut novel that examines the conflicted heart in the confines of marriage and the perception of what love is.” — ForeWord Reviews “ Seven Years is tense and frightening—I couldn't stop plunging in. Desire is a hunting dog and we never know what it will bring us. This is ruthless truth.” —Rosecrans Baldwin, author of You Lost Me There “Pete...


Autoren Michael Hofmann, Peter Stamm
Mitarbeit Michael Hoffman (Übersetzung), Michael Hofmann (Übersetzung)
Verlag Other press
Themen Schweizer SchriftstellerInnen: Werke (div.)
Belletristik > Erzählende Literatur
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 01.04.2011
EAN 9781590513941
ISBN 978-1-59051-394-1
Abmessung 140 mm x 209 mm x 20 mm


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