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Guila Naquitz - Archaic Foraging and Early Agriculture in Oaxaca, Mexico, Updated

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Zusatztext "The whole is impressive." -Don E. Dumond! American Anthropologist"Not only does it give important data on the Archaic of Oaxaca! a key region of Mesoamerica! but also it adds new techniques and methods of analysis that result in a new approach to theory." -Richard S. MacNeish! American Antiquity Klappentext Reports on the excavation of GuilA Naquitz cave in Oaxaca! a site that provides important evidence for the earliest plant domestication in the New World. Stratigraphic studies! examinations of artifactual and botanical remains! simulations! and an imaginative reconstruction make this a model project of processual archaeology. Zusammenfassung Report of excavations on a key archaeological site for understanding first agriculture in the New World, with a new 2009 foreword by Kent Flannery Inhaltsverzeichnis Contributors -- Preface -- Acknowledgments -- Foreword to the Updated Edition (2009)/KENT V. FLANNERY -- I THE PROBLEM AND THE MODEL -- 1. The Research Problem/KENT V . FLANNERY -- Introduction -- Agriculture: “How” or “Why”? -- The Paleobotanical Evidence -- Gourds and Squashes -- Beans -- Teosinte and Maize -- The Maize-Bean-Squash Association -- Models and Theories for Early Domestication -- Universal Aspects of the Model -- Epilogue -- 2. Ecosystem Models and Information Flow in the Tehuacan-Oaxaca Region/KENT V . FLANNERY -- Introduction -- Matter, Energy, and Information -- The Choice of an Ecosystem -- Constructing a Multiple-Loop Model -- Deriving a Systems Model from the Tehuacan and Oaxaca Data -- Zea versus Prosopis: An Example o f Two Genera Linked through -- their Relationship to Humans -- Modeling Environmental Variation -- Scheduling -- Summary -- II THE CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL SETTING -- 3. Guila Naquitz in Spatial, Temporal, and Cultural Context/KENT V. FLANNERY -- Introduction -- The Valley of Oaxaca -- The Discovery of Guild Naquitz -- The Chronological and Cultural Placement of Guild Naquitz -- Guild Naquitz in Its Demographic Context -- Guild Naquitz in the Context of Binford’s Forager-Collector Dichotomy -- Guild Naquitz in the Context of MacNeish’s Macroband-Microband Dichotomy -- Guild Naquitz in the Context of Oaxaca-Tehuacan Settlement Types -- Summary -- 4. The Physical Environment of the Guila Naquitz Cave Group/MICHAEL I. KIRKBY, ANNE V. WHYTE, and KENT V. FLANNERY -- Introduction -- Geology and Soils -- Climate and Hydrology -- Vegetation Zones and Their Facies -- Native Animals -- More Distant Environments -- Conclusion: Factors in Preceramic Site Location -- III EXCAVATION AND ARTIFACT ANALYSIS -- 5. The Excavation of Guila Naquitz/KENT V. FLANNERY, CHRIS L. MOSER, and SILVIA MARANCA -- Introduction -- Excavation Techniques -- Stage : Initial Test -- Stage : Squares D8 and E8 -- Stages -5: Beginning the Main Excavation -- Stages -7: Completing the Main Excavation -- The Preceramic Living Floors: Summary Descriptions -- The Implications of Zone B -- The Postclassic Levels -- Ephemeral Formative Occupations -- 6. Chipped-Stone Tools/FRANK HOLE -- Introduction -- Technology and Raw Material -- Typology -- The Basics of the Guild Naquitz Industry -- Founding and Flaking Tools -- Cores and Core Fragments -- Choppers, Scrapers, and Knives -- Tools for Slotting and Perforating -- Other Flake and Blade Tools -- Projectile Points -- Bifaces -- Unretouched Pieces -- Summary -- 7. Sources of the Guila Naquitz Chipped Stone/MICHAEL E. WHALEN -- Within Kilometers -- At Distances of Kilometers -- At Distances of -55 Kilometers -- 8. Ground-Stone Artifacts/KENT V. FLANNERY -- Preliminary Discussion -- One-Hand Manos -- Metates -- Mortars -- Miscellaneous Categories -- Summaries of Individual Living Floors -- 9. Preceramic Cordage and Basketry from Guila Naquitz/MARY ELIZABETH KING -- Introduction -- Knotted Netting -- Cordage -- Fiber -- Basketry -- Summaries of Individual Living Floors -- 10. Artifacts of Wood and Related Materials/K...


Autoren Kent V. (EDT) Flannery
Mitarbeit Kent V Flannery (Herausgeber), Kent V. Flannery (Herausgeber)
Verlag The University of Arizona Press
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 01.07.2009
EAN 9781598744705
ISBN 978-1-59874-470-5
Seiten 558
Themen Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik > Geschichte > Allgemeines, Lexika
Sachbuch > Geschichte > Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Antike


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