Let It Bleed - How to Write a Rockin' Memoir

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Zusatztext "Pamela Des Barres's writing crackles with joy and energy—it's such a pleasure to be immersed in the vivid world of this legendary writer." —Emma Cline! author of The Girls Informationen zum Autor Pamela Des Barres is the bestselling author of I'm with the Band and three other books. She's also a journalist! writing teacher! and media personality! but is most famous for being a rock & roll "groupie" before the word even existed. Des Barres started the first-ever girl band (the GTOs) and dated Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones! Jim Morrison of The Doors! Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin! Keith Moon of The Who! Chris Hillman of The Byrds! and Noel Redding of Jimi Hendrix Experience! to name a few. Klappentext Author of the international bestseller I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie! Pamela Des Barres shares with women the art of memoir writing. For the last fourteen years! Pamela Des Barres has been teaching an eight-week women's "femoir" writing workshop. She found that the music-loving ladies who showed up at her door had pent-up stories to tell. Many of them had read her two memoirs! which were wildly personal and deeply confessional! and felt comfortable opening up and experiencing that same freedom of expression. In this book! Des Barres guides women through the process of writing their memoirs. She has developed exercises to help her "dolls" recall! remember! relive! and reveal their memories! transgressions! temptations! their sleepless nights and brilliant afternoons! loves and losses! fears and regrets! secrets! sins! and sorrows. The assignments in Femoir have proven incredibly cathartic for her students. Just as intimate as one of her in-person workshops! this book includes some of Des Barres's own stories! as well as those of the women she's taught. Every person has an incredible story to tell-they just need to figure out how to tell it. By understanding themselves better through these writing exercises! women learn to be more fearless! free-spirited! and willing to try something new. Chapter One I Dare to Write Besides my bursting-at-the-seams diaries and school compositions, my first foray into creative writing began in earnest when, along with my Beatle birds, I began conjuring up weekly chapters about our romances with John, Paul, George and Ringo. Oh, how I wish I had those impassioned blue-lined missives I scribbled for Kathy, Linda and Stevie as I lay in my twin bed (always under many watchful photos of the long-lashed, bedroom-eyed Paul McC, of course), inventing tales about how the Quiet Beatle proposed to Kathy in a song, while gently playing his guitar, or how John tearfully left his wife, Cynthia, because my bubbly Reseda neighbor, Linda Oaks, had melted his gruff, ironic heart. Yes, I could enthrall my Beatle buddies with the written word, but having seen Patty Duke accept the Academy Award for her stunning portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, I had decided at age twelve to become an actress. This declaration led to a long and mostly fruitless pursuit of Glamorous Hollywood Fame. As I slogged through commercial interviews and embarrassing theatrical auditions, helped along by a series of B-minus or C-plus acting agents, I never stopped babbling into my trusty diary. At Cleveland High I was an English devotee and pled allegiance to a tough-minded creative-writing teacher, Mr. Constantine Thomas, who most everyone else despised due to his scathing attention to detail. I enjoyed it so much, I planned on taking some college writing courses after graduation, but-oops!-the Sunset Strip got in the way. From my sophomore year on, Cleveland High became an afterthought as the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Captain Beefheart and...


Autoren Pamela Des Barres
Verlag Tarcher, J.P. Publishers
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 18.04.2017
EAN 9780399174209
ISBN 978-0-399-17420-9
Seiten 304
Abmessung 140 mm x 208 mm x 20 mm


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