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Zusatztext VV James has created an interesting version of America here - and it'll get you thinking. In 2019, would we suffer a witch to live or not? Informationen zum Autor V.V. James is the author (as Vic James) of the contemporary fantasy trilogy GILDED CAGE, TARNISHED CITY, and BRIGHT RUIN. GILDED CAGE is a 2018 World Book Night pick and a Radio 2 Book Club selection. V.V. worked as an investigative producer for Channel 4 News and now directs documentaries for BBC1 and BBC2. Klappentext Sanctuary. It's the perfect town. . . to hide a secret.To Detective Maggie Knight, the death of Sanctuary's star quarterback seems to be a tragic accident. Only, everyone knows his ex-girlfriend is the daughter of a witch - and she was there when he died.Then the rumours start Bereaved mother Abigail will stop at nothing until she has justice for her dead son. Her best friend Sarah will do everything in her power to protect her accused daughter. And both women share a secret that could shatter their lives.It falls to Maggie to prevent her investigation - and Sanctuary itself - from spiralling out of control.A gripping thriller for fans of Big Little Lies, A Discovery of Witches and The Familars. Vorwort The Sunday Times bestselling thriller about four women with a dark secret who find themselves at the centre of a gripping murder investigation Zusammenfassung THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING THRILLER! 'TWISTY AND COMPELLING' DAILY MAIL Sanctuary. It's the perfect town. . . to hide a secret. Dan's death was a tragic accident. The rumours about his ex-girlfriend are just local gossip. Detective Maggie Knight has it all figured out. She's wrong. 'ADDICTIVE' INDEPENDENT 'TRULY UNSETTLING' DEADLINE 'THRILLING' GUARDIAN 'PROPERLY ADDICTIVE' Emma Kavanagh, bestselling author of The Missing Hours ...


What would you get if you crossed Big Little Lies with 90s teen flick The Craft and threw in a splash of Peyton Place and a dash of The Crucible? The answer is something like this addictive novel Independent


Autoren V V James, V. V. James, V.V. James, James V V
Verlag Gollancz
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 01.04.2020
EAN 9781473225749
ISBN 978-1-4732-2574-9
Seiten 464
Abmessung 126 mm x 196 mm x 36 mm
Themen Belletristik > Spannung

Crime & mystery, FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural, FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary, FICTION / Thrillers / Crime, Witchcraft, Thriller / suspense, Contemporary horror and ghost stories


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