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Little World: On the Beach - A push-and-pull adventure

Englisch · Paperback

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Informationen zum Autor Ladybird (Author) We make growing up the best story ever! Here at Ladybird, we publish playful books for little hands. From touch-and-feel books to bedtime stories and non-fiction, we help 0-7s to learn, play and grow - sparking plenty of smiles along the way. The home of Ten Minutes to Bed, Baby Touch, Peppa Pig and Hey Duggee, we know just how to capture curious little imaginations and guide them from one story to the next. Samantha Meredith (Illustrator) Samantha Meredith graduated from Loughborough University in 2001 with BA (Hons) Illustration. She worked as a designer at Usborne Publishing for five years, before making the scary move into freelancing. At the last count, Samantha has illustrated over 200 books for clients, mostly in children's publishing, including Ladybird Books, Scholastic, Campbell Books and Bloomsbury. Her time is fairly evenly split between working and snacking! Klappentext Interactive board books taking in busy settings, with each spread featuring a novelty mechanism. Zusammenfassung Introducing the interactive Little World series from Ladybird that makes our big world little. Little World is designed for curious toddlers, allowing them to explore familiar landscapes and faraway places, from cities and jungles to outer space and ocean depths. The gentle narrative is perfect for reading aloud, guiding children along the beach as they play the part of a lifeguard - raising flags, patrolling the beach and even building sandcastles! A novelty slide, push or pull on every spread will engage children as they walk along the sand and watch the waves. Sam Meredith's bright artwork and charming characters encourage interaction and play, with lots to spot, see and enjoy on every spread. Introduces the world Boosts motor skills Recommended for children aged 2+ Look out for other titles in the Ladybird Little World series: At the Airport On the Farm Shopping Trip Under the Sea In the City To the Moon Jungle Journey ...


Autoren Sam Meredith, Samantha Meredith
Mitarbeit Sam Meredith (Illustration), Samantha Meredith (Illustration)
Verlag Ladybird
Sprache Englisch
Altersempfehlung 2 bis 5 Jahre
Produktform Paperback
Erschienen 31.05.2020
EAN 9780241410547
ISBN 978-0-241-41054-7
Seiten 10
Abmessung 178 mm x 178 mm x 15 mm
Serie Little World
Themen Kinder- und Jugendbücher > Spielen, Lernen > Kreativität

Holidays & seasonal interest, For children c 0-2 years, Children’s interactive and activity books and kits, JUVENILE NONFICTION / Activity Books / General, Interest age: from c 24 months, Children’s / Teenage general interest: Places and peoples, Swimming & water sports (Children's / Teenage)


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