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Thriving in Digital Workspaces - Emerging Issues for Research and Practice

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This edited volume focuses on innovative solutions to the debate on human thriving in the fast emerging technology-driven cyber-physical work context, also called Industry 4.0. The volume asks the important question: How can people remain relevant and thrive in workplaces that are increasingly virtual, technology-driven, and imbued with artificial intelligence? This volume includes two major streams of discussion: it provides multidisciplinary perspectives on what thriving could mean for individuals, managers and organisations in current and future non-linear and Web-driven workspaces. In this context, it points to the need to rethink the curricula of the psychology of human thriving so that it is applicable to Industry 4.0. Second, it discusses the new platforms of learning opening up in organisations and the ways and means with which people's learning practices can be adapted to changing scenarios. Some of these scenarios are: changing job designs and talent requirements; the demand for creativity; the need for virtual teams and intercultural collaborations; and changing emotional competencies. 
This topical volume includes contributions by scholars from across the world, and is of interest to scholars, practitioners and postgraduate students of psychology, organizational behaviour and human resource management.


Chapter 1. The Digital learning experience of exponential organisation employee: the race against obsolescence (John Ludike).- Chapter 2. Thriving in the exponential  and SADL organization (Kerryn Kohl).- Chapter 3. Thriving in digital workspaces (Gaylin Jee).- Chapter 4. Technology, Capability and Flourishing in Work and Non-work Contexts (Sebastiaan (Ian) Rothmann).- Chapter 5. Democratising goal setting: Possibilities and pitfalls of social media platforms and machine learning (Xander van Lill).- Chapter 6. Brain 4.0 - applied neuroscience for new thinking in a new world (Rob Jardine).- Chapter 7. Emotion experiences and management in digital work contexts (Cara Jonker).- Chapter 8. Thriving and Flourishing (Freda van der Walt).- Chapter 9. Thriving and flourishing into the future: An eco-systems approach to building sustainable organisations (Dieter Veldsman).- Chapter 10. Thriving and the Human Experience in Selection 4.0 (Kim E. Dowdeswell).- Chapter 11. Managing the talent fallacy: a conceptual framework for grit within digital economies (Llewellyn E. van Zy).- Chapter 12. Thriving in Virtual Teams (Marais Bester).- Chapter 13. Work-Life Balance: A Literature Review Update and Research Agenda (Dong-Jin Lee).- Chapter 14. Employee wellbeing  in the  digital workspace of call centres in Africa (Nisha Harry).- Chapter 15. Empathy, morality and social and emotional competencies in interpersonal interactions online (Inmaculada Marín-López).- Chapter 16. The role of person-centered characteristics as predictors of flourishing (Elzabé Nel).- Chapter 17. Workplace collaboration, Gen Z psychological need satisfaction and affective commitment: A social media-based approach (Mohammad Faraz Naim).- Chapter 18. Thriving in digital workspaces: Intersections of sex, gender, race and personality amongst women within the South African Context (Colleen Bernstein).- Chapter 19. Exploring psychological safety as a thriving mechanism in digital workspaces (Melinde Coetzee).- Chapter 20. Mapping antecedents of the psychological contract for the digital natives: a review and future research agenda (Alda Deas).- Chapter 21. Reflections on Key Factors of Creativity and the Art of Collaboration in 21st Century Workspaces (Claude-Hélène Mayer).- Chapter 22. The Perceived Social Job Characteristics of the Future (Tanya Bondarouk).- Chapter 23. Consequences of e-HRM implementation in the Dutch educational sector (T. Bondarouk).

Über den Autor / die Autorin

Melinde Coetzee (DLitt et Phil) has been a Professor at the Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, University of South Africa since 2000. She has 14 years of experience in organisational development, skills development and HR management in the corporate setting, and has lectured on subjects such as Personnel, Career, Organisational and Managerial Psychology at the undergraduate, honours and master’s levels since 2000. Melinde is a professionally registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and a Master Human Resource Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practice (SABPP). She is Editor-in-Chief of the South African Journal of Industrial Psychology (2014 to 2019) and has authored, co-authored or edited a number of national and international academic books. She has published in numerous accredited academic journals, and contributed several book chapters. Lastly, she has received several awards for excellence in research.


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