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Rock 'n' Blues Stew II - CD Reviews, Essays, & Interviews of Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, & Country-Folk Heroes of the '60s and '70s

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How to make a rock & blues stew?
Mix together with extreme caution and a touch of frenzy: an insatiable passion for the wild and dangerous smokin' steamy blues and gutsy rock 'n' roll; a healthy measure of renegade rebelliousness and rambunctious mischief; full-moon madness driven by the Zodiac and other Cosmic capers; a razor-sharp mind that splashes words like a paintball fight; a call for the open road and skies-and you have the ingredients for the music, the people, the backstage presence and the sights and sounds of Rock 'n' Blues Stew II. Follow what my friends call "Mitch-Tripping the Musical Universe" with the heroes, angels, and devils from the onstage and studio days of Derek and the Dominos, George Harrison, The Band, the J. Geils Band, Delaney and Bonnie & Friends with Eric Clapton, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Leo Kottke, Richard Thompson, Rory Block, Buddy Guy, and many others of voice and instrument.
Here are some of the essays, interviews, and articles that brought me friendship and fun through the world of the music circuit and the artists who make it their life calling. From Nashville and Memphis to the Ozarks, down in the Mississippi Delta, Gadsden, AL, Macon, GA, Muscle Shoals, AL, or Red Bank and Asbury Park, NJ: if you play it, shake it, or just let it give you the groove, then drop in these stories and let it flow. It's a stew of rock and blues for your musical news. Living and loving large as a free-lance editor, travel with me to the homes and life stories, concert backstage rooms and sound studios, and the fame and glory of some famous and upcoming drummers, guitar players, vocalists and songwriters of our time-and the tales they have to tell.

Über den Autor / die Autorin

Mitchell David Lopate was an adjunct English professor at Snead State Community College in Boaz, AL, and Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ. He recently taught for two+-years as the Director of Teaching Affairs and English & Speaking instructor at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics in Nanchang, China, and taught elementary school in Las Vegas (where he avoided casinos).
He is also an independent consultant for holistic and metaphysical concepts at, an international psychological astrologer and advisor at, an academic support consultant for writing and educational concepts at; a music journalist and blogger (including videos) at, and a separate existence as a Life mentor and Cosmic Tuning Fork.
He traveled with the U.S. Navy to the Aleutian Islands, Mississippi, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Washington state, escaping each time by the narrowest of margins from overwhelming odds and risks. He avoided a tour (and hostage status) of the American Embassy in Tehran in 1978, and barely remained upright during a 6.5 earthquake in Alaska in 1977. His books include Psychological Astrology for the Psyche, a handbook guide for holistic counselors, parents, and healers, published in 2010, Smile! Your Life is on a Cosmic Camera!, a collection of short stories and comic non-fiction/autobiography, and The Creative Classroom Experience, a guide for educators and students, issued in 2018. The Sting - Revisited, a perspective on character and scenes from the 7 Academy-Award-winning film, was published in 2019.
He recently lived on a five-acre farm in Boaz, Alabama, where he and his (ex)-wife raised chickens, llamas, kept horses, a mule, and cats. He enjoys playing with a magical web of metaphysical colleagues, associates, and other Lightworkers on Earth and beyond. He is extremely fond of teasing, challenging, and ungluing the minds of students with ideas of how to set a paper on fire for an "A", medical documentation on topics like The Blue People of Kentucky, and assorted social injustices and upheavals. He returned to Humboldt county, California, where he was a DJ on Blue Ox Radio (KKPD 97.7) with his show "Rock & Blues Stew." He recently incarnated as Oscar Wilde, as well as a simultaneous existence and very personal association with the construction of the Titanic.


Autoren Mitchell D. Lopate
Verlag Rushmore Press LLC
Sprache Mittelenglisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 31.05.2019
EAN 9781950818044
ISBN 978-1-950818-04-4
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