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Welcome to the era of the Total Brand Experience!

Award-winning designer and agency founder, Emma Carter, gives her expert insight into how to create a brand that goes beyond a simple logo, to make your
organisation an unstoppable success.

A brand doesn't start and stop with a logo. A brand encapsulates the entire personality of an organisation and communicates it to the outside world: your
promise, visual identity, tone of voice, ethics and standards.

In so many ways, the brand IS the business.

In BEYOND THE LOGO, Emma shares the principles and techniques that she so successfully puts into practice for clients such as Jack Wills, Platinum Property Partners, Ted Baker and IconicShift, across multiple
sectors, including retail, finance, technology, property and franchising.

Far from being an academic text book, BEYOND THE LOGO is a practical plan of action for business owners and managers. Whether you're refreshing an
existing identity or creating a completely new brand from scratch, this book guides you expertly through designing, deploying and promoting a brand that will
take your business to new heights.

" I love this book; it's engagingly written, nicely illustrated,
cleverly interactive and full of passion and insight. It explains
how a brand is not just about design and communication but
is actually at the heart of what a business stands for and how
it operates. It's a 'must read' if you own a business or you're
in charge of a brand. Read this book before your competitors do!"

Mike Harris, Founder of three iconic billion-pound brands:
First Direct, Mercury Communications, and Egg


Autoren Emma Jane Carter
Verlag Beyond Creative Thinking
Sprache Deutsch
Produktform Fester Einband
Erschienen 01.01.2013
Seiten 204
Abmessung 161 mm x 241 mm x 20 mm
Gewicht 647 g
Thema Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik > Kunst > Innenarchitektur, Design


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