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Web Audio Programming for Music Production

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Dr. Ian Gibson is currently leader of the Adaptive Music Technology Research Group at the University of Huddersfield and Visiting Professior at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Previous roles include a researcher at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, where he also acted as studio manager. Dr. Gibson has a first degree is Computer Science. He has produced several creative works (such as installations and compositions) as well as publishing technical papers on singing synthesis and audio applications.


It is possible to produce professional tools for music production using Web Audio: an API for Javascript audio applications on the web. It is free and embedded in popular browsers such as Google Chrome. You can start your own Web Audio applications using freeware and shareware tools, and there is no need to buy expensive development environments. Far from being just a tool for making the odd sound effect in games, Web Audio may be used for full scale sound synthesis and music production. This book will guide you in a step-by-step manner, tackling each of the key areas of sound synthesis and production. You will learn how to produce complex sound sources and manipulate samples in creative ways. You will build up your set of routines into a full-scale Digital Audio Workstation, emulating facilities found in recording studios. Your DAW will include routines to emulate features found on common mixing desks (such as track creation, volume control, effects and panning). The book also guides you through useful routines to enhance your Graphical User Interface and to make your application look exciting and appealing to all who use it. Routines will be provided for producing your own piano roll editor, mixing desk sliders and inline effects editors. Whether tackling a project at university or a musician with a keen interest in programming, this book will be useful in starting you on the path to producing your own professional audio applications.


Autoren Ian Gibson, Ian (University of Huddersfield) Gibson
Verlag Taylor & Francis Ltd.
Thema Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik > Informatik, EDV > Anwendungs-Software
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 28.02.2019
EAN 9781138097674
ISBN 978-1-138-09767-4
Seiten 200


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