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The Hanging Club

Englisch · Taschenbuch

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Tony Parsons puts you right there in every scene he writes. I love that kind of storytelling and I'm a D.C. Max Wolfe fan.' - James Patterson A band of vigilante executioners roam London's hot summer nights, abducting evil men and hanging them by the neck until dead. As the bodies pile up and riots explode across the sweltering city, DC Max Wolfe hunts a gang of killers who many believe to be heroes. And discovers that the lust for revenge starts very close to home ... Praise for The Hanging Club 'This is Parson's best crime novel so far and underlines his exceptional talent' (Daily Mail) "I've long been a fan of Tony Parson's writing...This is brilliant stuff" (Peter James) "Spectacular! Tense and human, fast and authentic" (Lee Child) 'Has all the ingredients and more: great plotting, great characters and at least two eye-widening twists I didn't see coming.' (Sophie Hannah) "If you haven't already become a fan, the third outing for Max Wolfe is the perfect introduction to the London underworld that Tony Parsons has so vividly created...Wolfe's cases couldn't feel more of-the-minute" (GQ) 'A gripping page-turning book that will demand your full attention' (Irish Examiner) 'Fast paced and gripping' (Best Special Series) 'Parsons had me gripped from the first chapter to the last sentence' (Irish independent) 'A cleverly plotted page-turner, with touches of Cracker and Nordic Noir, all soaked in the atmosphere of London's murky back-streets' (CSMA Club Life magazine) Praise for Tony Parsons... 'It's all as addictive as your favourite contains more twists than a contortionist caught in a tornado' (The Shortlist) "Told with clarity and insight ... Confirms Parsons has earned a place at the very pinnacle of British crime writing" (Daily Mail) 'Tense...with a dose of dry wit' (The Daily Express) 'A taut always engaging thriller' (The Sun) 'I put my life on hold while I was reading because I couldn't tear myself away from the gripping story... It's complicated, brutal but Tony Parsons has managed to weave the brutality into a truly brilliant story' (Bestselling Crime Thrillers) 'It's a brilliant crime novel, a thrilling procedural. Max Wolfe is a wonderfully endearing character, smart and tough and vulnerable, and with Scout (and Stan too) Tony has created so much warmth and tenderness, in a world, a genre, so often devoid of it. His research is wide, deep, impeccable - from forensics to the psychology, procedure to protocol. And boy does he know how to create suspense, and convincing plot lines, which snake and weave, and surprise right until the very end. This is a complex, shocking, very contemporary story, told with utter conviction and authority. I was hooked from page one. Crime writing has a brilliant new star' (Henry Sutton) 'Sometimes, rarely, you know from the first chapter or so of a novel that you're in the hands of a master story teller. In the case of Tony Parsons...we know this within the first few pages. A relentless plot, evocative prose and compelling (and wrenching) portraits of the characters, good and evil, conspire to make this a must-read" (Jeffery Deaver) 'Superbly crafted crime drama that grips from start to finish' (The Sunday Post) 'Fast paced and gripping' (The Scotsman) '[Tony Parsons'] writing pedigree is first class. It shows in this terrific thriller, and Max Wolfe is a class act, a brilliant character that has to feature again ... Absolutely stunning!' (Books Monthly)...


Autoren Tony Parsons
Verlag Arrow
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 23.02.2017
EAN 9780099591078
ISBN 978-0-09-959107-8
Seiten 384
Abmessung 129 mm x 198 mm x 24 mm
Serien DC Max Wolfe
DC Max Wolfe
Max Wolfe / DC Max Wolfe / DS-Wolfe-Reihe
Themen Belletristik > Spannung > Krimis, Thriller, Spionage

Crime & mystery, Crime and mystery fiction


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