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Knitter''s Knowledge - A Workbook of Techniques, Tips and Designer Inside-Information

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Covers all aspects of knitting, from equipment and casting to shaping and finishing. With illustrations and photos to take knitters through each technique, starting with stocking-stitch and building to more complex knits such as Fairisle and colour knitting.

Über den Autor

Debbie Bliss is one of the foremost designers and authors of hand-knitting patternsin the UK, the US, Europe and Asia. As well as publishing her own Debbie BlissKnitting magazine, she is the author of bestselling knitting pattern books, includingThe Ultimate Book of Baby Knits, The Knitter's Year and Knits for You and Your Home,which was the winner of The Best Book 2013 at The British Knitting Awards.


This ultimate guide to essential knitting techniques from world-renowned knitterDebbie Bliss is set to become the staple how-to book for new and experiencedknitters alike.Starting with the most basic but essential information on knitting equipment,holding the needles, and how to cast on, Debbie shares her lifetime of coretechniques and time-saving tips, including shaping by changing needle size andhow to avoid a jog when knitting in the round.With chapters on shaping, texture, including cables and entrelac, colourknitting, including intarsia and fair isle, embellishing, finishing, correcting andmending, The Knitter's Knowledge is the only knitting reference book you willever need.


Autoren Debbie Bliss, BLISS DEBBIE
Verlag Quadrille Publishing
Thema Ratgeber > Hobby, Haus > Handarbeit, Textiles
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Fester Einband
Erschienen 22.10.2015
EAN 9781849495585
ISBN 978-1-84949-558-5
Seiten 320


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