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Organisations associated with the Conservative Party (UK)

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 50. Chapters: 2020 group, 92 Group, Association of Conservative Clubs, Bow Group, Bruges Group, City Circle (Conservative Party, UK), Conservatives at Work, Conservative Action for Electoral Reform, Conservative and Unionist Women's Franchise Association, Conservative Business Relations, Conservative Christian Fellowship, Conservative Friends of Gibraltar, Conservative Friends of Israel, Conservative Friends of Turkey, Conservative Mainstream, Conservative Monday Club, Conservative Muslim Forum, Conservative Philosophy Group, Conservative Research Department, Conservative Way Forward, Cornerstone Group, Fresh Start, Get Britain Out, Gulf tories, LGBTory, Macleod Group, National Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations, National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associations, New Enterprise Council (Conservative Party, UK), No Turning Back (political group), Primrose League, Revolutionary Conservative Caucus, Society of Conservative Lawyers, Tory Action, Tory Reform Group, Vermin Club, Women2WinWales. Excerpt: The Conservative Monday Club (widely known as the Monday Club) is a British far right wing pressure group , formally part of Conservative Party.The Organisation was suspended from the Conservative Party because of its policies relating to race Founded in the early 1960s during the party's internal debate over decolonisation, its published aims state that "The Monday Club seeks to evolve a dynamic application of traditional Tory principles". Roger Griffin referred to the Club as practising an anti-socialist and elitist form of conservatism. The club is notable for having promoted a policy of voluntary, or assisted, repatriation for non-white immigrants, which mirrored the pledge made in the Conservative Party's General Election Manifesto of 1970. After its 1997 general election defeat, the Conservative Party began decisive moves towards becoming more centrist; the 2002 2003 party chairman, Theresa May, would later state that it had been perceived by voters as the "Nasty Party". The then party leader, Iain Duncan Smith, suspended the Monday Club's longstanding links with the party in October 2001, saying his party would have nothing to do with the organisation unless it stopped making "distasteful" remarks on race and immigration. Since 1993 new full members of the club must be members of the Conservative Party, though there is no such requirement for associate membership. Monday Club observers, such as Denis Walker, have attended Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) conferences. Part of the club's agenda stresses support for what it calls "traditional Conservative values", including "resistance to 'political correctness". The club was founded on 1 January 1961, by four young Conservative Party members, Paul Bristol (a 24 year-old shipbroker and the Club's first Chairman, who left the Club in 1968), Ian Greig (Membership Secretary until 1969), Cedric Gunnery (Treasurer until 1992) and Anthony Maclaren. The club was formed "to force local party associations to discuss and d


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