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Ethics of Memory in a Digital Age - Interrogating the Right to Be Forgotten

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"Following the trend of sharing, and associating being on-line with being 'on-life', many people are now demanding the ownership and control of their data across all processing phases, including the erasure of their presence on the web. In Europe, recentproposals for regulation include an explicit 'Right to be Forgotten'; this right stated in the European Commission Proposal for Regulation COM 2011/12 does not emerge without controversy. It is being criticised on several grounds, including clashing withother rights, such as freedom of expression, as well as setting the terrain for censorship. Besides the purely legal aspects of the proposed provisions, the chapters of this volume discuss how those legal provisions correspond in practice to worldviews and how individual and collective memory must be governed. They look into the deeper consequences of such provisions to construction of identity, culture and community formation, and how such a right affects how, what and why individuals, groups and societies remember and forget"--


Interrogating the Right to be Forgotten; Ângela Guimarães Pereiraa, Alessia Ghezzia and Lucia Vesni?-Alujevi?a 1. The Ethics of Forgetting and Remembering in the Digital World through the Eye of the Media; Ângela Guimarães Pereiraa, Lucia Vesni?-Alujevi?a and Alessia Ghezzia 2. The Right to be Forgotten and the New Archival Paradigm; Ivan Szekely 3. The Right to be Forgotten in Post-Scarcity Culture; Andrew Hoskins 4. Oblivion: The Right to be Different... From Oneself Reproposing the Right to be Forgotten; Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade 5. The Right to be Forgotten and Informational Autonomy in the Digital Environment; Cécile de Terwangne 6. Gender Identity and Data Protection: Could a Right To Be Forgotten Help Andrew Agnes Online?; Paulan Korenhof and Bert-Jaap Koops 7. The Importance of Being an Ego-Writer; Daniela Brighigni


"Only very rarely does a book come along that has an immediate and enduring impact that changes my understanding of my professional domain. ... For me this book has already joined this group. ... This book is not aimed exclusively at archivists ... but I think that, almost perversely, this is the very reason archivists should read it! ... I will close with a simple re-statement of my thoughts at the beginning: read this book as soon as you can." (Archives and Records, August, 2016)


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