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Paradoxes - Paradox, Russell's paradox, Problem of evil, Impossible object, Arrow's impossibility theorem, Zeno's paradoxes, Epimenides paradox, Liar paradox, Barber paradox, Raven paradox, Voting paradox, Newcomb's paradox

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 112. Chapters: Paradox, Russell's paradox, Problem of evil, Impossible object, Arrow's impossibility theorem, Zeno's paradoxes, Epimenides paradox, Liar paradox, Barber paradox, Raven paradox, Voting paradox, Newcomb's paradox, Unexpected hanging paradox, Omnipotence paradox, Strange loop, Chicken or the egg, All horses are the same color, List of paradoxes, D'Alembert's paradox, Ship of Theseus, French Paradox, Quantitative structure-activity relationship, Liar paradox in early Islamic tradition, Moore's paradox, When a white horse is not a horse, Sorites paradox, Faint young Sun paradox, Liberal paradox, Perceptual paradox, Pinocchio paradox, Ellsberg paradox, Problem of future contingents, Catch-22, Barbershop paradox, Buridan's bridge, Münchhausen Trilemma, Paradox of nihilism, Paradox of hedonism, Chainstore paradox, Mere addition paradox, Apportionment paradox, Lottery paradox, Grue and bleen, Paradox of the pesticides, Buridan's ass, Ross Littlewood paradox, Paradoxes of material implication, Status paradox, Elevator paradox, Fitch's paradox of knowability, Drinker paradox, Tritone paradox, Round square copula, Paradox of the Court, Buttered cat paradox, Abilene paradox, Grelling Nelson paradox, C-value enigma, Quine's paradox, Kavka's toxin puzzle, Inventor's paradox, Hardy's paradox, Boltzmann brain, Hispanic Paradox, Observer's paradox, The Treachery of Images, Cigarette smokers problem, Paradox of analysis, Coastline paradox, Paradox of the plankton, Sherman paradox, Mexican paradox, Bracketing paradox, Irresistible force paradox, Ignore all rules, Bonini's paradox, Discursive dilemma, Abelson's paradox, Crocodile Dilemma, Applicability Domain, Prevention paradox, Service recovery paradox, Card paradox, Paradoxology, Preface paradox, Paradox of tolerance, Faraday paradox, Algol paradox, Plato's beard, Movement paradox, Is the glass half empty or half full?, Exception paradox, Stability-instability paradox, Yablo's paradox, Socratic paradox, Nikodym set, Mandeville's paradox, Code-talker paradox, Milner Rado paradox, Absence paradox, Excusable negligence, Stapp's Ironical Paradox, Information paradox. Excerpt: In the philosophy of religion, the problem of evil is the question of how to explain evil if there exists a deity that is omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omniscient (see theism). Some philosophers have claimed that the existences of such a god and of evil are logically incompatible or unlikely. Attempts to resolve the question under these contexts have historically been one of the prime concerns of theodicy. Some responses include the arguments that true free will cannot exist without the possibility of evil, that humans cannot understand God, that suffering is necessary for spiritual growth or evil is the consequence of a fallen world. There are also many discussions of "evil" and associated "problems" in other philosophical fields, such as secular ethics, and scientific disciplines such as evolutionary ethics. But as usually understood, the "problem of evil" is posed in a theological context. Numerous different versions of the problem of evil have been formulated. One example among many of a formulation of the problem of evil is often attributed to Epicurus and may be schematized as follows: This argument is of the logically valid form modus tollens (denying the consequent). In this case, P is "God exists" and Q is "there is no evil in the world". Since it is unclear precisely how the antecede...


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