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Manual of Adult and Paediatric Medical Oncology

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It is a very special honour for me to be able to present this handbook of medical oncology, which under diverse headings and origins covers such a vast spectrum of experience. I be lieve the reader will be struck in particular by the impressive volume of information available, especially with regard to childhood tumours, which represent, today, an immense "lab oratory of hope". It is in this very field that we oncologists have been able to obtain the most consoling results in recent years. I feel sure that all those who read these chapters will find that their oncological competence is enriched and also in a certain sense that their wish to contribute to progress in can cer research and treatment has been renewed. In conclusion, my most heartfelt congratulations go to the authors for the excellent job they have done, as well as my ad miration for having been able to concentrate so much pre cious and innovative information into so little space. Umberto Veronesi Preface Since 1976, the VICC has been holding chemotherapy courses in all parts of the world, excluding North America and Australia. The Manual of Cancer Chemotherapy, origi nally devised as a didactic tool to be used by course partici pants, expanded itself in the successive editions to a compre hensive, although schematic, textbook of medical oncology.


I General Aspects.- 1 The Development of Cancer Chemotherapy.- 2 Basic Concepts in Cancer Chemotherapy.- 3 Evaluation of the Cancer Patient and the Response to Treatment.- 4 Complications of the Disease and Their Treatment.- 5 Present Achievements of Cancer Chemotherapy and Drugs Currently Used for Different Diseases.- 6 The Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Their Characteristics.- 7 Planning of Chemotherapy, Monitoring of Effects and Side Effects, Drug-Dose Modifications.- 8 Hormone Treatment of Tumours.- 9 Human Tumour Immunobiology.- 10 Education and Psychological Support of the Patient.- 11 Pain Control and Terminal Care.- 12 Organization of Cancer Treatment.- II Management of Adult Malignancies by Site.- 13 Acute Leukaemia.- 14 Chronic Leukaemia.- 15 Malignant Lymphomas.- 16 Multiple Myeloma.- 17 Breast Tumours.- 18 Gastrointestinal Tumours.- 19 Lung Tumours.- 20 Urogenital Tumours I: Kidney, Renal Pelvis, Ureter, Bladder.- 21 Urogenital Tumours II: Prostate, Testis.- 22 Gynaecological Tumours.- 23 Skin Tumours.- 24 Head and Neck Tumours.- 25 Soft-Tissue Sarcoma.- 26 Tumours of the Endocrine Organs and Apudomas.- 27 Adult Central Nervous System Tumours.- III Management of Paediatric Malignancies by Site.- 28 General Characteristics of Paediatric Tumours.- 29 Wilms'Tumour.- 30 Neuroblastoma.- 31 Rhabdomyosarcomas.- 32 Paediatric Bone Tumours.- 33 Childhood Brain Tumours.- 34 Paediatric Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas.- 35 Childhood Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia.- IV Management of Tumours of Special Significance in African and Asian Countries.- 36 "Mediterranean Abdominal Lymphoma" (Immunoproliferative Small-Intestine Disease).- 37 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.- 38 Oesophageal Carcinoma.- 39 Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the Tropics.- 40 Bladder Cancer.- Appendices.- Appendix A Common Abbreviations for the Most Widely Used Cytotoxic Agents.- Appendix B Nomograms for Determination of Body Surface Area from Height and Weight.- Appendix C List of Recommended Publications for Further Reading.


Mitarbeit Brunner (Herausgeber), K. Brunner (Herausgeber), D. Crowther (Herausgeber), D Crowther et al (Herausgeber), S. Eckhardt (Herausgeber), S. Monfardini (Herausgeber), D. Olive (Herausgeber), S. Tanneberger (Herausgeber), A. Veronesi (Herausgeber), J. M. A. Whitehouse (Herausgeber), R. Wittes (Herausgeber)
Verlag Springer, Berlin
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 01.01.1987
EAN 9783540153474
ISBN 978-3-540-15347-4
Seiten 406
Gewicht 486 g
Illustration XVIII, 406 p. 3 illus.
Serien UICC International Union Against Cancer
UICC International Union Against Cancer /Current Treatment of Cancer
Thema Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik > Medizin


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