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Family Collection - Over 25 Knitwear Designs for Babies, Children and Adults

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At every lecture and workshop she has given in recent years, Debbie Bliss has been asked why her stunning childrens` knitwear designs are not available in adult sizes. Now she has responded to these appeals with her first collection to cover the whole age range-from babies right through to adults. Many of th designs in this exciting new book include patterns for a complete size range-so a classic guernsey sweater, for example, can be knitted for a 2-year old or an adult man. A number of the designs also include variations and different colourways-a woman`s cabled sweater, for instance, is also featured as a child`s cardigan using the same stitch patterning. Each design is illustrated in colour photography by leading photographer Pia Tryde and the result is an excitingly versatile collection of irresistable designs for all the family.


Autoren Debbie Bliss
Verlag Ebury Press
Thema Ratgeber > Hobby, Haus > Handarbeit, Textiles
Sprache Englisch
Produktform Taschenbuch
Erschienen 08.10.1998
EAN 9780091863579
ISBN 978-0-09-186357-9
Seiten 80
Abmessung 215 mm x 290 mm x 5 mm


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