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The Complete Novels (Book)

Anne Brontë (Author), Charlotte Brontë (Author), Emily Brontë (Author), Bronte Sisters (Author), B. S. Grieg (Illustration), H. S. Grieg (Illustration), Jack Hewer (Illustration)

Deals with Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte three of the most remarkable novelists and poets of the nineteenth century.

English; Hardback

Released: September 2011 / Delivery time: 5-7 days

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CHF 65.00


The Brontë Sisters Three Novels (Book)

Anne Bronte (Author), Charlotte Bronte (Author), Emily Bronte (Author), Anne Brontë (Author), Charlotte Brontë (Author), Emily Brontë (Author), Bronte Sisters (Author)

The Bronte family was a literary phenomenon unequalled before or since. Both Charlotte's "Jane Eyre" and Emily's "Wuthering Heights" have won lofty places in the pantheon and stirred the romantic sensibilities of generations of readers. This title unites these two favourites.

English; Paperback / Softback

Released: 21.09.2012 / Delivery time: 2-3 days

No review available

CHF 45.50