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Mom's Family Calendar 2014 (andere)

Sandra Boynton (Autor), Sandra Boynton (Illustration)

Englisch; Allgemeine Handelsware

Erschienen: 20.07.2013

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Keep Calm and Carry On 2014 (andere)

Workman Publishing (Herausgeber)

Klappentext. I walk slowly, but I never walk backward. Abraham Lincoln Inspired by the pithy and powerful poster designed to boost Britons morale during World War II, the Keep Calm and Carry On Calendar is a year of quotes, verses, mottos, and sayings that will get each [...]

Englisch; Allgemeine Handelsware

Erschienen: 07.08.2013

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The Modern Kama Sutra in a Box (andere)

Kamini Thomas (Autor), Kirk Thomas (Autor)

Transform your lovemaking into erotic ecstasy with the secrets of the Kama Sutra -- the most ancient, renowned and explicit guide to sexual pleasure. 'Pleasures are as necessary for the well-being of the body as food.' Kama Sutra The Modern Kama Sutra opens you up to a new [...]

Englisch; Medienkombination

Erschienen: 13.03.2009

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