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Cambridge History of Capitalism 2 Volume Set (andere)

Larry Williamson Neal (Autor), Larry Neal (Herausgeber), Jeffrey Williamson (Herausgeber)

"Modern economic growth, defined as a sustained rise in per capita income (Kuznets 1966C001-025), has created higher levels of prosperity for many more people on earth than was ever thought possible before it began. Moreover, it began not so very long ago, perhaps as late [...]

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Erschienen: 30.01.2014 / Lieferfrist: 5-7 Tage

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Rush Hour (Buch)

Iain Gately (Autor)

Across the world, half a billion people commute to work daily. This "time between" work and home is experienced by every person with a job at some point in their life.Iain Gately traces the history of commuting from the Victorian age of the steam train to the mass-commuting [...]

Englisch; Buch

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Spss Survival Guide (andere)

Julie Pallant (Autor)

Presents a guide to the research process, covering such topics as descriptive statistics, correlation, t-tests, factor analysis, and multiple regression.

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Erschienen: Mai 2013 / Lieferfrist: 5-7 Tage

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New Strategies in Social Research (Buch)

Layder (Autor), Derek Layder (Autor)

This book provides a new and innovative introduction to the methodology of social research. The aim of the author is to provide a bridge between recent theoretical debates in the social sciences and methodological issues. It is not just a how to book for social researchers, [...]

Englisch; Buch

Erschienen: 1993 / Lieferfrist: 3-5 Wochen (Titel wird speziell besorgt)

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