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Magnum Archives: Taliban (Buch)

Thomas Dworzak (Autor)

Deutsch; Fester Einband

Erschienen: 2003 / Lieferfrist: 5-7 Tage

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Kavkas (Buch)

Thomas Dworzak (Fotografien)

. 'This is a toast to the Caucasus, and through the Caucasus to Georgia. This place, at a very young age, has taught me about life -- in the horrors of war -- in the beauty of peace. A toast to all its people, regardless of their nationality and traditions. May God give [...]

Englisch; Fester Einband

Erschienen: 2010 / Lieferfrist: mind. 4 Wochen (Titel wird speziell besorgt)

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CHF 109.00