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"Motorhead" (Buch)

Jake Brown (Autor), Lemmy Kilmister (Autor)

Motorhead have always been a band whose reputation for the rock'n'roll lifestyle precedes them, but along the way they have also accumulated am impressive, Grammy-winning back catalogue full of classic songs. And for the first time their creation is explored via exclusive [...]

Englisch; Taschenbuch

Erschienen: 05.07.2010 / Lieferfrist: mind. 4 Wochen (Titel wird speziell besorgt)

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White Line Fever (Buch)

J Garza (Autor), L Kilmister (Autor), Lemmy Kilmister (Autor), Lemmy (Autor)

One of musics most notorious frontmen leads a headbanging, voyeuristic odyssey into sex, drugs, and rock n roll that rivals Motley Crues The Dirt and Aerosmiths Walk This Way. He made Keith Richards look like a choirboy and Mick Jagger look like a nun. And as the head of [...]

Englisch; Taschenbuch

Erschienen: 15.01.2004 / Lieferfrist: 3-5 Wochen (Titel wird speziell besorgt)

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Lemmy, White Line Fever (Buch)

Lemmy Kilmister (Autor)

Deutsch; Taschenbuch

Erschienen: 2004

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